Welcome to The Gentlemen’s Club, events for couples that enjoy the Male Dominant/female submissive dynamic.

We run events for Male Dominant / female submissive couples, to give them a place to relax, socialise and play. Why not join us at one of our events and enjoy the Male Dominant/female submissive dynamic with other like minded couples.

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Our current events are:

  • The CMnf Organisation – The fantasy of CMnf (Clothed Male/naked female) strikes a chord both with Dominant gentlemen and submissive ladies. We have created an event playing on the imagery of smart besuited men against ‘vulnerable’ exposed women.
  • The Gentlemen’s Club Winter Formal – A yearly formal, in December, for couples that enjoy to dress to impress, suits for the gentlemen, and ladies showcasing their most seductive attire/lingerie. This seasonal event allows couples a space to enjoy the male led dynamic with like minded others.

Both events offer a safe and friendly environment in which to socialise and play, utilising the many pieces of equipment, and rooms, the venue offers.

Our events are hosted in the Midlands, dates of upcoming events can be found on our events page.

If you have any questions about our events please do not hesitate to contact us.

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