The Gentlemen’s Club – Courses

We like to think of The Gentlemen’s Club as both an event but also a place for the Male Dom/female sub community to develop. As such we want to help you take your dynamic further.

One way we hope to achieve this is by running classes, for both Males Dominants and female submissives. These will not be ‘kink’ classes, there are enough venues teaching rope, flogging or other kink skills. Our classes are to help you develop yourselves and your dynamic.

We have a few courses in mind:

  • For the submissives – Massage, burlesque, erotic writing, body painting, how to take a naked selfie
  • For the Dominants – Wine/whiskey tasting, cigars / pipes 101, upping your tie game.

But we would also like your input:

  • submissives: What is it that as a submissive you feel would help you grow within your dynamic. What skills would you like to learn to better provide for your Dominant?
  • Dominants: What services do you feel your submissive would benefit from learning, what additional areas would you like her to provide you in. As a dominant what areas of yourself would you like to improve, subjects you are interested in learning more about.

Please try to keep your suggestions serious and useful and remember this is about personal/dynamic development, not about kink skill development. There may be some areas that would be useful but we are not looking at duplicating kink courses that are available elsewhere.

All classes will be limited in numbers attending and there may be an additional charge to cover incidentals and the trainer’s time.

WANTED – CLASS TRAINERS: Do you think you have a skill or knowledge that would be interesting and useful to female submissives or Male Dominants? Could you talk/train for 1 hour? If so please drop us a line letting us know what you have to offer.