Dress Code – The CMnf Organisation


With an event called Clothed Male/naked female you would expect there to be a dress code for all guests. The dress code for both sexes is rigorously enforced for one reason:

To ensure the dynamic of the event does not get watered down.

The style of dress (or undress) is a visual reminder of the dynamic we are trying to create, the strong, dominant, well dressed man and the vulnerable, naked submissive female.

This isn’t just an event for the exhibitionists out there, it is an event for those female submissives who want to bare their souls, strip back their egos and lay themselves naked, fearful and vulnerable to their submissive desires.

Our event has a VERY strict dress code, it is the guests responsibility to make sure they fully understand the requirements. If you have any questions regarding the dress code please do get in touch as we WILL be removing any guests who do not meet the requirements. We are sorry if this comes across as heavy handed but un/dress is central to this event and has to be followed to the letter.

naked female

Overall premise – Exposure and vulnerability

Minimum outfit: Our preferred choice for female guests is of course naked.
Maximum outfit: We understand that for a lot of our female guests the idea of being near or completely naked is a scary thought, it challenges them to fight one of their hardest foes, self confidence. Because of this we are allowing those guests unsure or unused to this dynamic the chance to wear very minimal clothing.

  • The majority of the body must be exposed, the skin directly visible and uncovered.
  • Clothing (If any worn) must be underwear in style, minimal and preferably sheer.
  • A minimum of breasts and/or genitals must be COMPLETELY exposed at all times. This means no covering of ANY KIND, even sheer items.

Clothed Male

Suit: Our preferred choice is a tuxedo but a minimum of a 2 piece matching jacket and trousers, worn with a collared shirt and tie is acceptable. If you have any other formal outfits in mind please get in touch to see if they are acceptable.

If you have any questions or queries about the dress code rules please do not hesitate to contact us.