The Gentlemen’s Club


The Gentlemen’s Club is an event specifically for those who enjoy the Male Dominant/female submissive dynamic and is aimed at those new to the scene and those with experience.

It is an event offering a safe and friendly environment in which to socialise and play, utilising the many pieces of equipment, and rooms, the venue offers.

Our events remove any ambiguity over orientation; the ladies are submissive, the men are Dominant. There will be no pressure, and plenty of respect.

We have a full set of Etiquette & Rules but at our core we have the following beliefs:

  • To provide a safe space to enjoy Male Dominance and female submission.
  • To give couples an event to enjoy their dynamic with like minded guests.
  • To provide a safe, clean and legal space.
  • To vouch all attendees for the safety and enjoyment of all.
  • To be sex positive, we are fully licensed for all adult activities.

For our upcoming parties please see the events page and if you have any questions please contact us.