Dress Code – The Gentlemen’s Club


We don’t want to rob people of their creativity or prescribe a set style of clothing but we also want to make sure our guests make an effort, that they ‘dress to impress’.

NOT Acceptable Dress

  • Street wear such as jeans and trainers.

Acceptable Dress

Being an event for Male Doms and female submissives we want our guests to present that dynamic in their style of clothing.

  • Gentlemen – Suits, shirt & tie, smoking jackets and formal wear are de rigueur, outfits which are timelessly stylish. Clothing showing control, dominance and power.
  • ladies – Dresses, lingerie, nude, clothing promoting submission and vulnerability.

Gentlemen remember “women view men in suits like guys view women in lingerie”

If what you want to wear doesn’t fit into the above list please drop us a message, we cannot cover all dress styles and are happy to discuss other outfit choices.