The CMnf Organisation


Imagine, if you will……

A group of well dressed authoritarian men having a sociable afternoon. There is good company, pleasant conversation, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and of course naked submissive ladies.

The fantasy of CM/nf (Clothed Male/naked female) seems to strike a chord both with Dominant gentlemen and submissive ladies. For the Dominants the appeal is obvious but for most submissives less so. It seems it’s less about them being exhibitionists but more about them challenging the fear of being naked. The fact that they are exposed and vulnerable in a room full of powerful, well dressed Dominant men is the key.

At The CM/nf Organisation we have created an event for Male Doms and female subs, playing on the imagery of smart besuited men against vulnerable exposed women. Whist there will be the chance to play, the emphasis would be on the dynamic and headspace such an environment would create.

Whilst the dynamic seems to work well with couples, we will allow single women wishing to attend. We will then have a limited amount of strictly vetted single men, to match the number of single women.

We would not presume to assert our ideas of protocol on anyone, that is for those within a relationship to establish themselves. So, simply, the following rules apply:

  • Respect to all guests from all guests, irrespective of position
  • No non-consensual touching, humiliation or degradation.

Please be aware this event has VERY STRICT dress code rules, please go here for our complete list of etiquette and rules.

If you have any questions please contact us.