Etiquette & Rules


As a Gentleman, or a lady, we expect you to:

  • Leave your phone in your locker during your visit
  • Not to take photographs
  • Not touch, humiliate or degrade guests without explicit consent
  • To respect all attendees and staff, regardless of their position, dynamic or protocol.
  • Not play when drunk
  • Clean equipment when your play has finished
  • Not interrupt scenes in progress
  • Give comfortable space to guests in play

Those displaying ungentlemanly, or unladylike behaviour will be removed from the venue for the security and comfort of our guests.

Both the venue and ourselves have a Zero Tolerance policy on drugs. This encompasses you not being under the influence when arriving, carrying drugs or using drugs on the premises. Please be aware that any breach of this policy will result in you being removed and banned from the premises.

If you have ANY problems or need ANY assistance, please inform one of the crew as soon as possible. They will be easily identified by their staff lanyards.


  • I am a single male Dom, will I be welcome?– If you are known to the organisers, yes. If you are not, you will need to be fully vouched before you will be allowed to attend. Please be aware we gender balance our events, which means we try to ensure there is an equal number of gentlemen to ladies. With this in mind we may be unable to accept all single male ticket requests as this would affect this balance.
  • I am a single female submissive. I’m nervous about attending alone. – The whole ethos behind our events was to provide a safe environment for submissive ladies. In this arena YOU are our guests and it is important to us you are comfortable. For that reason we will make club etiquette unavoidably clear within the venue, and to any male Dom’s attending.
  • Do I need to book in advance? – Yes, this is a PRIVATE party so it is essential you pre-book for a space. You cannot turn up on the day.
  • I am part of a couple. Can we come together? – Yes, all we ask is that males are Dominant and females are submissive for the duration of the event.
  • I am a Switch. Can I come with my partner? – Yes, IF you present yourself as a female submissive/Male Dominant for the event and stay within those roles for the duration.
  • Can I buy drinks? – Yes, the venue is fully licensed so please do not bring alcohol with you.
  • Can I get changed at the club? – Yes. There are secure lockers and changing rooms (Deposit required).
  • Is there a smoking area? – Yes. There is a comfortable heated outdoor area provided for smokers.
  • What should I wear? – Please see the specific Dress Codes for each event.